Report Claimed That Despite Donald Trump’s Election Fight His Campaign Headquarters Is “Literally Taking Down His Name”

It's just a grift.

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On November 3rd, Donald Trump said, “Losing is never easy. Not for me, it’s not.” However, most of us never imagined that well over a month after the election, the president would still insist that he won the presidential race that he clearly lost to Joe Biden. Trump’s attempt to cling to power has been hugely embarrassing, but it’s also dangerous — not only to our democracy but violence has erupted, too.

Trump’s loyalists, though it’s a dwindling list, are continuing to drag the American people through this nightmare to overturn the 2020 election results even after the Supreme Court rejected the president’s case that contained no evidence to back up his crazy-time claims of widespread voter fraud. And just as Trump tried to delegitimize Barack Obama’s presidency, he’s now trying to delegitimize Joe Biden’s. Trump is still garnering donations from his supporters with flurries of daily emails and texts.

The Daily Beast reports that even though Trump has vowed to continue to fight against the results of the election, “the futility of the effort is apparent in the campaign’s northern Virginia headquarters—the office that is supposed to be devoted to supporting and housing the legal crusade—which, knowledgeable sources tell The Daily Beast, has virtually emptied out.”


“It’s a ghost town now, with people waiting for the end,” one person familiar with the campaign’s operations told the outlet.

Two sources familiar with the situation told the outlet that many of the Trump-Pence signs had been taken down from the walls of the headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. As The Daily Beast puts it, Trump’s campaign is “literally taking down his name.”

“The desks and memorabilia have been largely packed, thrown out, or removed from the office space too,” the report states. “Television sets, mounted to the walls around the rented 14th floor of the building, are being sold off for extra cash. Staffers’ belongings are even more thoroughly cleared out now than when the campaign was in the immediate aftermath of the downsizing last month.”

“The voter-fraud “hotline” room in Arlington created in the aftermath of Election Night was also dismantled last month, after it became a torturous chamber for mid-level staff, and a pointless magnet for crank callers, violent threats, and farting noises into the telephones,” the report continues. “And over the course of an hour and a half this Sunday afternoon, there was nary a sign of any campaign official coming in or out of the building—though, to be fair, it was the weekend.”

The Electoral College voted to recognize Joe Biden as the President-elect officially. The rest is just formalities, then Biden will be sworn in, and there’s nothing Trump can do about that.

You can read the full report here.

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