Report Claimed Trump Dumped His Playmate Mistress For Cheating On Him With Bruce Willis While He Was Married To Melania

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As we’re all well aware by this point, Donald Trump doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to staying faithful to any of the three women he’s been married to. So much so that he literally cheated on his current wife Melania while she was very much pregnant with their only child. And frankly, it wasn’t even a one-off thing with one girl, either. The dude got around — A LOT. 

However, according to a report from the Daily Mail, much like pretty much everything else in his life, Trump can’t only dish and never receive — evidently, Donnie was none too happy when he discovered that his mistress Karen McDougal was two-timing him with actor Bruce Willis.

The report is based on tellings from McDougal’s former friend and fellow Playmate, Carrie Stevens, who had more than a little tea to spill, alleging that Trump and McDougal had sexual relations in his marital bed in Trump Tower, behind Melania’s back, showed his mistress his wife’s modeling photos post-coitus, and dumped her when he discovered that he was not her only love interest.


Stevens said in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV: 

‘Karen said in press interviews that she was in love with Donald Trump – the truth is it certainly wasn’t love, she was sleeping with Bruce Willis at the same time. I think she makes it sound to the press like it ended when it did so she doesn’t look like she was dating two men at once, but she was.”

The details of it all outlined in her new book, UNRATED: Revelations of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Centerfold, Stevens says, “Karen and I ended our friendship in January of 2008. That entire year before (2007) we were friends, there was no mention of a breakup with Donald Trump. She was seeing him the entire time. This is during the time that we would hang out, we went on trips together, we were good friends. There was never any mention of any falling out or any breaking up.”

McDougal was allegedly also seeing Bruce Willis for six months of this time, and things to a turn for the Playmate after the pair returned from a trip to Europe and the actor ghosted her. McDougal’s former friend said she immediately knew exactly what had happened.

“It was me that actually suggested, ‘well, you just got back from Italy, it’s all over the press.’ Bruce took her on a yacht trip to Italy. So knowing what we know of Donald it’s not hard to guess that he found out and dumped her. Donald’s ego got the best of him.”

“Karen never got an explanation from Bruce. I believe Bruce found out about her and Donald and ended it as well,” Steven’s claims.

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The report from the Daily Mail takes an even deeper dive into the relationship between McDougal and Trump. However, it’s pretty clear that Donnie’s not a fan of the “turnabout’s fair play” mantra.

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