Report Claimed Trump Is Scared That His Political Opponents Will Be “Suing Me For The Rest Of My Life”

I mean, he's probably right.

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Donald Trump certainly hasn’t had an easy go of things since departing the White House and returning to life as a private American citizen. I could sugarcoat the way things have been going for the former president, but the fact of the matter is, a slew of people and entities warned him that they were coming for him as soon as he no longer enjoyed the protection of the presidency and they’re making good on that promise.

Trump has been smacked with an onslaught of rightful lawsuits over the past few weeks, and according to a new report, it seems that the former president is concerned that they may never end.

A report from the Daily Beast claims Donald Trump is fearful that he’ll be fighting a steady stream of lawsuits for the rest of his life.


“With the Senate trial in the rearview, Trump is now confronting a whole range of other legal dramas during his immediate post-presidency,” Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley with the Beast reported. “No longer shielded by the considerable legal protection of the Oval Office, Trump has privately bemoaned that his foes are going to be investigating or ‘suing me for the rest of my life,’ according to one person who’s discussed the matter with him in the past few weeks.”

The most prominent of recent examples is the lawsuit against Trump and his ally Rudy Giuliani by Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, who is suing the pair for conspiracy under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 for the role they both played in inciting the insurrection at the Capitol last month.

And Trump’s legal woes certainly do not end there.

“The legal exposure could extend beyond political affiliations, as the voting tech companies that Trump and top allies had baselessly smeared as part of a fictitious conspiracy to rig or hack the election and tip it to Biden have already sent numerous legal threats to individuals close to the former president,” the report notes. “Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems have already lodged mammoth lawsuits against Giuliani, former Trump attorney Sidney Powell, and others. Giuliani, who has served as Trump’s personal lawyer, and Powell were pushing these fictitious conspiracy claims at the behest of Trump, who himself pushed such false allegations on Twitter and elsewhere.”

You better lawyer up big time, buddy. Because you’re probably right, they’re going to come for you for the rest of your days.

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