Report Claims Brett Kavanaugh Secretly Hates Donald Trump, But Knew He Had To “Kiss The Ring” If He Wanted Supreme Court Position

No one ACTUALLY likes Donald Trump.

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Earlier today, we reported on a resurfaced memo from Brett Kavanaugh back in the Clinton investigation days, when he was still cutting his teeth in the world of Conservative politics, that was chock full of graphic, sexually explicit, and downright disgusting questions that he wanted to pose to then-President Clinton while working under Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr.

While the creep level was simply off the charts with that alone, that memo resurfaced as part of a much larger, deep-dive profile into the Supreme Court Justice by The Atlantic, complete with some extra, behind-the-scenes information about Kavanaugh’s confirmation that seemed to get swept under the rug at the time.

Let me start by saying, the full profile is most definitely worth a read. The piece takes a deep dive into everything from the newly-confirmed Justice’s behavior at church after he “won” the battle to the Supreme Court, to the way he behaved while on a date with a young Democratic prosecutor while knee-deep in the Starr investigation, to the way Brett Kavanaugh gets on with his fellow Supreme Court Justices — which, spoiler alert, isn’t usually all that well.


But one of the most interesting tidbits of information contained in the profile has to do with the recently booted ex-president, Donald Trump.

Kavanaugh heaped the praises on Trump during his acceptance speech and even went so far as to say, “No president has ever consulted more widely or talked with more people from more backgrounds to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.” — a statement that the Washington Post called “bizarre” at the time.

But according to The Atlantic’s newest findings, Kavanaugh’s opinion of the Republican Messiah was much, much different behind closed doors.

“Kavanaugh had expressed his own misgivings about the president who nominated him, even as he went through the requisite motions of flattery and fealty,” the report reads.

One friend of Kavanaugh’s told the reporter, “He was no fan of Donald Trump. But he’s not going to say no to the nomination. He had to kiss the ring to get there.”

Kavanaugh’s not the first public Trump sycophant to seemingly be tired of the now-former president in private. Not that long ago at all, we reported on similar feelings from InfoWars’ Alex Jones. It seems that a lot of Trump’s “people” aren’t actually his people at all. They’re just using him for their own gain, just like he does everyone around him.

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I encourage you to read the full profile of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from The Atlantic here. 

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