Report Claims European Allies Are Openly Relieved And Happy That Donald Trump Is Gone, But Fear He May Return To Politics

Can't blame them.

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Politico reports that U.S. allies in Europe enthusiastically welcomed President Joe Biden following four long years of a chaotic presidency with Donald Trump at the helm. When Trump went to the G7 summit, he was rude to world leaders. When he went to England, the former president walked in front of the Queen. World leaders have repeatedly laughed at the twice-impeached one-term president.

“Biden’s predecessor spent four years disparaging world leaders — in public and on Twitter— accusing their countries of freeloading off the United States,” Politico reports. “He pulled out of international agreements, refused to sign others and scoffed at the trans-Atlantic alliances that served as a bedrock of U.S. foreign policy in the post-WWII era.”

“So many leaders at the latest G-7 meeting, including those from Germany, France and Canada, seemed simply eager to move past Trump this week; so much so that they greeted Biden like an old friend even when he wasn’t,” the report continues.


America is back.

“As the world leaders walked along St. Ives Bay just before the summit began, French President Emmanuel Macron, who had never met Biden before, put his arm around him and the two walked arm and arm,” the outlet reports. “They engaged in a brief but animated conversation that included talking about ways to make democracies more effective for the middle class, one of Biden’s favorite topics.”

“Being able to meet Joe Biden is obviously important because he stands for the commitment to multilateralism, which we were missing in recent years.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

“Some of the camaraderie in England could be chalked up to world leaders simply practicing the diplomatic art form of overt flattery,” the report continues. “But much of it, experts say, is the outcome of international relations finally returning to a state of norm after four years of intense whiplash. The leaders may not have uttered Trump’s name out loud but his presence was felt.”

“There’s no way of describing our friends’ relief at the change of administration. And not just because it isn’t Donald Trump anymore,” Stephen Sestanovich, a former National Security Council and State Department official, said. “It’s that the alliance has a backlog of real problems to address. The Biden administration wants to talk about how to develop cooperative responses to them in a way that the Trump administration couldn’t ever be serious about.”

A return of Trump or Trumpism is a concern.

“The allies do have lingering doubts about the forces that produced Trump’s election in 2016 and are wondering whether those forces are gone for good or that possibility that the US could shift back to a more contentious, more transactional approach to NATO in 2022, or 20 2024,” said Alexander Vershbow, former deputy secretary of NATO and former ambassador to South Korea and Russia. “I think this concern is real that, you know, the Trumpian trend tendencies in the U.S. could return full bore. And in the midterms, or in the next presidential election.”

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Imagine being a world leader and having to deal with Donald Trump. He’s mentally exhausting with his narcissistic antics. It was never America First with Trump. He kept us isolated from our allies, and with Trump, it’s Trump first. The former guy has done a lot of damage.

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