Report Claims Ivanka Wants Her Dad To Cut Ties With “Too Extreme” Marjorie Taylor Green Because It Could Jeopardize Her Political Future

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According to a report, Ivanka Trump wants to challenge Marco Rubio for his Senate seat in 2022. The Daily Mail also says that Ivanka isn’t too happy about her father’s ties to controversial congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, and, according to a source, she thinks it could adversely affect her political plans. Taylor Greene appears to believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory which is teeming with anti-Semitism.

“Ivanka is worried that people, including those in the Jewish community, will automatically assume that she approves of Marjorie because of her dad’s affiliation with her,” a Trump insider told the outlet.

“Donald just loves Marjorie and makes no secret about it,” the source said. “He’s called her a rising star and now Marjorie boasts that she is the female version of Trump.”


“This just drives Ivanka nuts and she thinks they should all cut ties with her and her and her bizarro ideas,” the report continues.

“She won’t say it on a loudspeaker, but Ivanka does not want to be associated with Marjorie. She’s too extreme. Ivanka is all about Ivanka and preserving her reputation,” the source added. “She prides herself on being the rational one and is staying clear of anyone who could jeopardize her image and her political aspirations.”

Well, if Ivanka is worried about her reputation, she should distance herself from her twice-impeached father. The former President looks poised for a second impeachment acquittal in the Senate. However, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are reportedly warning him not to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,” POLITICO reports. The couple warned Donald “that while he has the votes for acquittal, he can still screw this up.”

“‘Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory’ is the phrase Kushner has been heard using most frequently to describe the worry,” according to the report.

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And while the Senate decides whether to hold the former president accountable for inciting the deadly insurrection on January 6th. Republicans seem determined to give Trump a pass even though Americans died during the seize. So, I would suggest that Ivanka’s reputation is already in the shitter. She was by her father’s side while he made a mockery of the presidency.

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