Report Claims Nunes Spent $57000 On Flights To Allegedly Investigate The Bidens

That hole of his just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

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As it turns out, GOP Rep Devin Nunes is a lot more like his favorite traitor-in-chief Donald Trump than we may have even realized.

Of course, we already knew he shared Donald’s hateful, right-wing views. And we were well aware of the fact, thanks to Nunes’ little cow debacle, that he’s certainly got the president’s lying tactics down pat.

But now, thanks to Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell and his decision to read into the record during last week’s public impeachment hearings a report that indicated Devin was just as involved in POTUS’ Ukraine scandal as many of his fellow GOPers and Trump himself is — we now know that Devin also shares Donald’s uncanny ability to dig himself an even deeper hole when things go south for him.


Merely watching the GOP rep’s face when Swalwell began reading from the report was enough to see that Nunes knew he was fucked with a capital F. However, much like his idol in the White House, instead of just keeping his mouth shut and lying low, Nunes has done a grade-A job of making an even bigger ass out of himself.

He’s launched ridiculous lawsuits against any media outlet that dares to report on his scandal, made sure to be extra salty towards any reporters that dare ask about it, landed his opponents a boatload of cash, and given remarks to the right-wing Breitbart News, of all places, essentially crying that he “really didn’t do it!”

Yet none of his desperate attempts at making everyone forget about it by yelling about it constantly have done anything to stanch the near-constant influx of evidence against him that’s been pouring in for days now.

According to a report filed with the Office of the Clerk for the House of Representatives, the allegations recently made against Nunes by Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas, in which he claimed he met with the GOP Rep in a hush-hush trip to Vienna, Austria in Nov/Dec of last year and put him in touch with former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin were spot on — and now there’s a money trail to prove it.

The report indicated that Nunes, along with Scott Glabe, George Pappas, and Derek Harvey claimed entries for “commercial airfare” for a four-day trip to Europe from November 30 and December 3 of 2018.

Each individual, with daily allowances included, claimed $14,201.43 for the trip in question — totaling out to $56,805.72.

I don’t have to say that this all spells rather bad news for Nunes who sits on the Committee that’s currently handling Trump’s impeachment inquiry. In fact, it has already been announced by top Democrat Adam Smith that Devin will likely soon be facing an ethics investigation on the heels of a letter that was sent by the Democratic Coalition to the House Ethics Committee — in which an investigation was called for due to concerns over a conflict of interest.

Perhaps he should ask his buddy Trump how to cope. Because it seems they’re both soon to sink in the same ship.

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