Report Claims Republican Staffers Were Apparently Caught Spying On Democratic 2020 Planning Session

Nixon would be proud.

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Republicans are already engaging in dirty tricks out of desperation to win in 2020 at all costs, even going so far as to spy on Democratic planning sessions to get an advantage.

During a DCCC meeting to discuss polling on Wednesday night, staffers from the NRCC used the cover of darkness to take several photographs of information displayed on slides.

According to Politico:


The NRCC walked across the street to the DCCC’s headquarters on Capitol Hill to stake out some Dem candidates, and stumbled upon what they consider a quite fortuitous find. Dems say it represents tactics that are totally out of bounds, and downright creepy.”

Indeed, Nixon and the Watergate burglars would certainly be proud. And the GOP apparently gathered information they consider valuable.

Republicans say they gleaned a wealth of valuable intel on the state of key House contests. For example, the NRCC learned that Democrats’ internal polling shows the special election in California’s 25th District — Katie Hill’s former seat — as just a 4-point race, with Republican former Rep. Steve Knight trailing Chrissy Smith 30-26. They also had slides that appeared to show the DCCC’s favorites in contested Democratic primaries.”

Of course, the GOP spying is rather hypocritical considering how President Donald Trump has constantly hurled false accusations accusing the Obama administration of spying on his campaign.

Unlike those accusations, the GOP really is spying on Democrats, who released a statement condemning the NRCC for resorting to such tactics.

“When you have no ideas or accomplishments to run on, you creep in the bushes, take pictures through people’s windows, and invade their privacy,” the DCCC said. “The next time the NRCC is looking for tips on running winning campaigns, all they have to do is call us — we’ll be more than happy to explain why Kevin McCarthy is the Minority Leader.”

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