Report Claims Some Republican Senators Were “Worried” About Their Personal Safety If They Voted To Convict Donald Trump

This is ridiculous.

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Former President Donald Trump has been acquitted in his now-second impeachment trial in the Senate after he incited his supporters into a violent insurrection at the Capitol building in an effort to stall the confirmation of his embarrassing loss, and frankly, we knew it was coming.

It’s certainly not because he’s not guilty of every last little thing he’s being accused of, it’s just because the “jury” he was up against happened to be stacked with a majority of his own cronies, who have literally been caught walking off the Senate floor right in the middle of the trial to confer with Trump’s legal team on their defense strategy. That, and the fact that several GOP Senators were reportedly in fear for their personal safety if they were to vote to actually hold the former president accountable for all that he’s done.

On an MSN segment today, before the final vote was called, it was revealed that many GOP senators may have been gearing up to vote in favor of letting Donald Trump off the hook, not because they believed he’s innocent, but because they’re afraid of what’s would happen to them if they don’t.


NBC News’ Kasie Hunt reported, “Many of these senators, these Republicans, they’re worried about their own personal safety and the safety of their families in addition to their own political futures as they consider how to vote.”

“I think we have perhaps been underestimating just how horribly the tone and the way that a lot of these people are approaching members of Congress,” she continued. “We saw it play out on January 6th, it’s still happening behind the scenes, and I think that is generating a lot of fear among some of these members.”

“There is sincere tension between what they think is the right thing to do and what they are being pressured to do, both politically and from a personal safety and security perspective,” Hunt added in the segment.

“I think they’re worried that if they vote to convict Donald Trump that there may be people that would come after them.”

Who knows if there are 17 GOP senators who felt this way, which would have been enough to convict the former president for his crimes. But it is becoming increasingly clear that many of these votes to acquit likely didn’t come from a place of true belief that Donald Trump is innocent, but rather a true fear for their safety after they’ve seen just what his supporters can and will do.

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