Report Claims Trump Aides Are Exhausted And Can’t Wait For Biden’s Inauguration: “January 20th Couldn’t Come Fast Enough”

They're over it!

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The majority of the American people are counting down the waning hours that are left of Donald Trump’s horrific presidency, on bated breath, with hopeful anticipation for the Biden-filled future that lies ahead of us. But as it turns out, it’s not just us average Joe voters out here in the “real world” who are anxiously awaiting this transition of power. According to a new report, Trump’s own staff is counting down the minutes too.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump has spent his final weeks in office complaining to everyone that would listen that he was cheated out of his second term in office thanks to an election rigged in Joe Biden’s favor, going so far as to assert “Everybody knows I won,” and senior officials within his administration are more than ready to finally get off this ride, reads a report from The Daily Beast. 

“He asked me [earlier this month] about how to punish certain Republicans who weren’t standing with him and abandoning him after all he had done for them and the Republican Party,” one Trump administration official told the publication. “During that moment, I kept thinking about how January 20th couldn’t come fast enough.”


According to the report, Trump has been privately complaining that his fellow members of the Republican party allowed someone as “f*cking stupid” as Joe Biden follow him in the presidency and evangelical ally Robert Jeffress has asserted that Donald will never publicly concede the election because he honestly and truthfully does not believe that he lost it.

“He would never say that because he sincerely doesn’t believe it,” Jeffress stated. “Meanwhile I’m preaching a message this Sunday on what the Bible says how we should respond to the new president. We have blanketed Dallas with these billboards.”

Trump is also reportedly vexed that the Capitol riots carried out by his own violent supporters, at his spurring, is being blamed on him by the majority of the government and the American people. However, he’s having a lot of trouble tracking down a legal team that’s willing to represent him through his second impeachment.

Attorneys Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow, and Jane Raskin, who represented Trump through his first impeachment trial, have privately asserted that they will not be returning as Donald’s counsel for a second go-around and aides have reportedly begged the outgoing president not to employ his personal pal and attorney, Rudy Giuliani, for his defense as they feel the former New York mayor is largely responsible for both impeachments.

The report claims that Trump has privately fumed over the media placing the blame for the riots on his head, even going so far as to label these reports as defamatory.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Trump allegedly told someone close to him.

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We’ve been saying for months now that Biden’s inauguration simply could not get here fast enough. Now it seems that Trump’s own people understand why.

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