Report Claims Trump “Barked” At Mulvaney In Front Of Other Aides, Called Him “Weak” And Claimed “I Am In Charge Of The Hatch Act”

All bark, no bite.

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As we’re all delightfully aware at this point, Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney really shit the bed recently in regard to Trump’s ever-growing Ukraine scandal. You know, the one that’s about to get his ass impeached?

And when I say shit the bed, I mean he really, REALLY shit the bed, y’all.

The dude actually got up in front of a shitload of people and straight up, flat out admitted to the quid pro quo that was involved in Trump’s shady call with the president of Ukraine. Mulvaney quite literally, blatantly admitted that the military funding that was withheld from the country by the US, per the order of Donald Trump himself, was specifically intended to encourage the Ukranian president to investigate the Biden family as he asked.

But no worries, because according to Mick it’s no big deal, they “do it all the time.”

So it’s pretty safe to say that Donnie is more than a little vexed at his third Chief of Staff in just as many years.

But according to a new exposé from the Wall Street Journal, detailing Trump’s 2020 campaign efforts and how Trump is “banking on base-pleasing campaign events – more meticulously produced this time – to outweigh any need for a fresh message,” Donnie has had beef with Mick the dick for a while now.

WSJ White House reporter Michael Bender weaves an interesting tale of one particular time Trump found himself big mad with his Chief of Staff and decided to launch an all-out attack against the guy in front of a room full of other aides.

The story revolves around the time Donald wanted his cabinet to tag along with him to a June rally in the crucial swing state of Flordia — but Mulvaney dared to question him when he reminded the “president” of the Hatch Act that prevents employees of the executive branch from using their positions for political actions.

It was then that Donald reportedly “barked” at Mick and declared, “I’m in charge of the Hatch Act” before going on to call his Chief of Staff “weak.”

Of course, Trump is not in charge of the Hatch Act. Never has been. Never will be. But when did facts ever matter to that guy?

Now, just what exactly is Donald going to do with all of this frustration and anger he has for Mulvaney? Not shit. That’s what.

Because ol’ Mick has him over the worst kind of barrel.

Donnie kinda fucked up when he let his VP, his staff, and his neighbor’s cousin’s girlfriend’s cat in on that Ukraine business of his. Because now everyone and their brother has way too much info on him for him to piss them off too much. And Mick Mulvaney is no exception.

Hell, even Politico’s White House reporter Nancy Cook pointed that out on a segment with CBS News today when she stated, “worried about firing Mulvaney at this point because Mulvaney knows so much about the Ukraine scandal.”

So, Trump can “bark” all he wants. But he has very little room to be biting anymore. And he knows it.

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