Report Claims Trump Is Upset With “MIA” Jared Kushner And Is Bad Mouthing His Son-In-Law

This is so on-brand for Trump.

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Jared Kushner,  Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former senior adviser, is not on the list of those assisting the former President. A report from CNN notes that Kushner was “conspicuously absent” when he planned his Conservative Political Action Conference appearance last week. The news outlet spoke with two sources that say that Trump is “angry with his son-in-law over the election loss.” That’s on-brand for Trump, a man that refuses to take personal responsibility for his own actions.

As a senior White House advisor, Kushner gave a lot of input to the Trump administration — including developing strategy in the Middle East and assisting with Trump’s reelection campaign — but that loyalty to his father-in-law is not being returned, apparently.

“That Kushner has now developed anathema to his father-in-law’s political appetite is questionable in its timing, an indicator that Kushner again is putting space between his image and Trump’s, in the wake of the delusional flow of falsehoods after Election Day and the deadly Trump-incited insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6,” CNN reports. “Yet several people told CNN that Kushner is truly — this time — effectively done with Trump’s rhetoric.”


However, two other people who spoke with the news outlet indicated the schism was instigated by Trump, who told those in his inner circle that he is angry with Kushner.

And Ivanka has reportedly had it with Washington.

“Right now, he’s just checked out of politics,” says one person, echoing the mindset of Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, who is so over the political bubble she has told friends and colleagues of late to not utter anything to do with Washington.

Hey, we’re good with that. Peace out, princess.

“Given Trump’s election loss and current out-of-power position, Kushner’s absence from the aftermath follows a pattern critics have previously pointed out: being present for the wins and MIA from the losses,” the report adds. “A person with close ties to Kushner told CNN that Trump’s son-in-law is enjoying “some much needed time with his family,” and his retreat is unrelated to the ebb and flow of the former President’s popularity.”

“The drama of politics wore him down. Eventually, Trump wears everyone down,” a source told the outlet. Hey, I’m good with not ever seeing any of Trump’s crew in politics ever again. At any rate, Kushner can go back to work as a slumlord or something.

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