Report Claims Trump Told Aides He Can Never Forgive Nancy Pelosi For Impeachment As She “Tried To Undermine And Humiliate Him At Every Turn”

Get over yourself, you cry baby! People are dying!

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As the entire world continues the hard fight against the outbreak of coronavirus that’s now taken thousands of lives, a new report indicates that Donald Trump is still holding onto his petty, childish grudges as tightly as he ever has.

As expected, Donald is more than a little miffed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who led the charge against him that ultimately ended up in his impeachment. While Donald wasn’t removed from office by the Senate in the end, his record is marred by impeachment for the rest of eternity, and he’s really upset about it.

Now that this pandemic has taken over the entire globe, you’d think that Trump could put aside the partisan bull, at least for the time being, and work together with Republicans and Democrats alike to try to literally save our lives. But no such luck, folks.

Donald hasn’t spoken to the House Speaker in a startling five months, according to a new report from the Associated Press, and it’s really starting to have an effect on this nation’s ability to face the growing pandemic head-on.

“Trump and Pelosi communicated with — or at — each other via Twitter and television or through intermediaries the other side could tolerate,” the report from Associated Press reads. “Chief among them has been Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who personally negotiated the three rescue bills passed so far. When Trump signed the package at the White House, he did not invite Pelosi or any other Democrats to join him.”

The report goes on to note that Trump has allegedly told his aides and those closest to him that “he feels as if Pelosi has tried to undermine and humiliate him at every turn and he will never forgive her for impeachment, according to two White House aides and Republicans close to the West Wing.”

As the unemployment numbers continue to rise at record-breaking rates, adding another layer of pertinence to an additional stimulus bill to keep Americans’ heads above water, Pelosi has indicated that she will be involved in working on further relief bills whether the president is willing to speak with her or not.

“Whatever communications we need to move forward, that will be happening whether I talk to the president or not,” the House Speaker stated. “It’s not casual. It isn’t, ‘Let’s just chat.’ It’s about what is the purpose, what is the urgency, does it require the time of the speaker and the president, both of whom are very busy people.”

Democratic Representative Ben McAdams of Utah spoke with the Associated Press and was quick to point out that the American public likely won’t have the patience to deal with the bipartisan pettiness as they struggle to pay the light bill and feed their families.

“There’s no space for politics,” McAdams, who is now on the mend from the coronavirus himself told AP. “Really, we have to come together and work together to save lives, and that is the only thing that matters right now.”

It’s high time that Donald Trump got over himself. The coronavirus doesn’t care that his feelings are hurt and neither do we.

You can read the full report from the Associated Press here.

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