Report Claims Trump Was Sicker Than It Was Revealed When He Had COVID

Ah, so he lied again. What a shocker.

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According to a new report from the New York Times, former President Donald Trump was much sicker than it was revealed when he went to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after contracting COVID-19 in October. The former president was found to have lung infiltrates. These occur when the lungs are inflamed and contain substances such as fluid or bacteria.

The report explains that “their presence, especially when a patient is exhibiting other symptoms, can be a sign of an acute case of the disease.” Trump’s blood oxygen levels had plunged, leaving officials concerned that he was on the verge of being placed on a ventilator.

“His prognosis became so worrisome before he was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that officials believed he would need to be put on a ventilator, two of the people familiar with his condition said,” the news outlet reports.


“It has been previously reported that Mr. Trump had trouble breathing and a fever on Oct. 2, the day he was taken to the hospital, and the types of treatment he received indicated that his condition was serious,” the report continues. “But the new details about his condition and about the effort inside the White House to get him special access to an unapproved drug to fight the virus help to flesh out one of the most dire episodes of Mr. Trump’s presidency.”

Trump, according to the report, resisted being taken from the White House to Walter Reed. Still, he gave in when aides told him that he could walk out on his own or risk waiting until the U.S. Secret Service was forced to carry him out if he got sicker, two people familiar with the events told the news outlet.

Trump’s medical team downplayed the former president’s condition, saying that he was on the upswing even though he’s an obese septuagenarian, making the former president a high-risk factor. When Trump returned to the White House after leaving the hospital, he immediately pulled his mask off as if to prove that he’s some sort of fighter — or something. But, his breathing looked labored, and the former president appeared uncomfortable.

You can read the full report here.

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