Report Claims Trump Was Told Not Everyone On Welfare Is Black, His Response: “Really? Then What Are They?”

Stop saying Trump's not racist. You look stupid.

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It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Donald Trump has a history of pretty racist remarks. That’s not surprising, given his history even before the presidency: His father was once arrested at a Klan rally and Donald himself took out full-page ads in every major paper in NYC during the case of the Central Park Jogger calling for the execution of five black teens who were later exonerated by DNA evidence, for a crime that doesn’t even carry the death penalty.

Those things were outrageous, sure, and the housing discrimination against black renters he was successfully sued by the Justice Department for, and his comments about “black guys counting my money” — all before he ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. Hell, the one time a black person won The Apprentice, Trump asked him to share the win with a white woman because he thought his ratings would suffer.

This was an image he tweeted in 2015 that was so egregiously false, Twitter removed it for violating the Terms of Service. They didn’t remove his tweet, though.

Disgustingly false, entirely made-up statistics from a year that hadn’t even concluded by the time he tweeted this.

But those things were merely a prelude for how racist he’s been since he was inaugurated.

From his birtherism about Obama to “shithole countries,” Donald Trump has proven over and over that he thinks black people are inferior to white people. Yes, he’s racist against everyone else who’s not white, but he seems to have a particular holdover against the black people that he grew up watching his father hate.

And the thing is, it’s one thing to call names or use epithets and slurs. It’s another thing entirely to subscribe to the stereotypical tropes about other races, and that seems to be what’s at the core of Trump’s antipathy toward black folks. The easiest example of his presidency is also the most disgusting.

Back in the spring of 2017, right after he took office, he sat for a meeting with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Now, maybe he didn’t understand that becoming President would require him to work in close proximity with black people, but he was clearly unprepared. At one point, he was flabbergasted that none of the black people in the room personally knew Ben Carson, the one black member of his Cabinet, who had never even been in politics before.

But in that same meeting, one of the members of the CBC told Trump that his proposed cuts to welfare and ideas for welfare “reform” would hurt her constituents, “not all of whom are black.” Perhaps she understood that he might not care about that if he subscribed to the myth that welfare all goes to minorities.

She was right. His immediate response, according to Newsweek, was, “Really? Then what are they?

They’re Americans, Donnie. Americans.

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