Report Claims Trump’s Hand Holding Led Theresa May To Make A “Panicky” Phone Call Home

He is so skeevy.

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Former President Donald Trump and former British Prime Minister Theresa May have never had what we would call a “good” relationship — much like pretty much every other foreign leader in this world, they had more than a few rightful gripes with the guy who was manning the ship in America. However, it seems there was one issue in particular that she personally had with America’s biggest embarrassment that she wasn’t quite expecting.

Just days into Donald Trump’s term as President of the United States, the then-Prime Minister found herself making a “panicky” warning call back home to her husband before images of Trump holding her hand began to circulate after May had made the 2017 trip to Washington in an effort to persuade the reality TV washup turned President to make a supportive statement regarding NATO.

The revelation about the uncomfortable experience comes from a new 3-part documentary series from BBC, Trump Takes on the World, that takes a deep dive into the experiences of those who had ring-side seats to Donald’s disastrous and dangerous term as President, according to a report from The Guardian. 


The series features testimonies from various world leaders and senior US officials telling of a President “shorn of political hypocrisies.”

According to the series, directed by award-winning documentary maker Norma Percy, it wasn’t just May who found Donald and his antics unsettling. European observers have claimed that Trump seemed to be a “strange creature.” Domestic officials also found themselves alarmed with the ways of the American leader, with one defense official taking note of Trump’s notoriously short attention span, likening it to a “squirrel careening through the traffic.”

The uncomfortable hand-holding encounter experienced by May, which has been described by both British aides as well as Trump insiders, was, unfortunately, the first of many to come over the course of his four-year term. Former US deputy national security adviser, KT McFarland said that Trump saw May as “not strong.” However, the then-Prime Minister walked into the meeting bound and determined to convince America’s newest leadership to make a statement in support of NATO as well as warn him over his close relationship with Vladimir Putin.

However, upon walking into the White House, the meeting took a strange turn.

“He held her hand going through the colonnades, which took us all by surprise, and as it turns out, took Theresa by surprise,” former joint chief of staff at No 10, Fiona Hill, told Percy.

“She couldn’t really take her hand back, so she was stuck … And the first thing she said [afterward] was ‘I need to call Philip just to let him know that I’ve been holding hands with another man before it hits the media’.”

But apparently, before May even had the chance to call her spouse, yet another boundary-crossing was underway by the then-US President when Trump hosted her for lunch only to spend the time in one of his “full bloom” rants.

The documentary series features several more experiences from world leaders and notable names through the Trump administration that are similar to what May went through. It just goes to further prove what a disaster Donald Trump truly was.

You can read the full report from The Guardian here.

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