Report Claims White House Administration Official Is Threatening To Fire Staff Looking For New Jobs Before Trump’s Term Officially Ends

What fascist thing will they think of next?

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Donald Trump is on his death spiral from the White House and he is doing everything he can to hold on. Trump has made it clear that he isn’t going to leave without a fight, and by that I mean he is going to try to burn down whatever he can in the process.

One of the main criticisms Donald faced during his time as president was his fascist tendencies, cozying up to dictators and flirting with the idea of throwing term limits out the window. This sort of behavior put him on the course to attempt to mess with the core principle of democracy, the people’s vote, which is not turning out well for him. The latest in the Trump administration’s dictatorial efforts, though, is a doozy,. Several news outlets are reporting Monday, a senior administration official is threatening to fire any federal political appointees who even look for a new job before Trump’s term ends. There is already chaos in Trump’s inner circle, with some accepting defeat and some delusional enough to think there is still a path to victory enabling him to not concede, and this threat of being fired goes a long way towards hindering the transition.

The White House aide in question is reported to be John McEntee, who had his security clearance taken away reportedly due to a gambling issue. But because the Trump administration doesn’t care about vetting or conflict of interest he returned in early 2019. McEntee made a name for himself as a loyalty obsessed crony, bent on rooting out the “Deep State” and now he is threatening the livelihood and future careers of those on the sinking ship that is the Trump regime.


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Chris Gifford