Report Suggests Trump And Lindsey Graham Had A Phone Call Where POTUS Appeared To Be Upset Over Impeachment

He's really having a hard time.

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Donald Trump has long been touting the claim that he doesn’t give a damn about the formal impeachment inquiry against him. In every increasingly manic tweet and hairbrained public appearance, number 45 does his damndest to convince the masses that his impending impeachment bears absolutely no weight on his well-being or confidence in himself come the 2020 election season.

He’s also 100 percent irrefutably and completely full of shit.

Donald has already proven, through his own admissions, that he’s more than a little bothered by the fact that he will soon be marred with the label of “impeached” on his name and reputation. The 6-page groveling letter he penned to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday, in which he attacked her relentlessly, compared himself and his struggles to that of a Salem witch, and then essentially begged her to drop the impeachment process that was open against him was more than proof enough.


However, despite the fact that his missive went public and quickly went viral, showing the world that he was little more than a desperate crybaby, Trump continues to take to his Twitter account today, as the House of Representatives gears up to cast their final vote, and declare that he simply doesn’t care — all while simultaneously whining about how mistreated he is.

But it seems Donnie’s been getting a bit more “real” when it comes to his conversations with one of his most favorite loyalists, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

According to ABC News reporter Miriam Khan, Graham spoke with number 45 today and asked Donald how he was holding up as the final impeachment vote looming over his head inched closer and closer.

“Well, I’m being impeached, so other than that I’m doing OK,” Graham claimed Trump told him today.

It sounds like, no matter how much he wants us all to believe otherwise, Trump knows that he’ll be formally impeached before the day’s over. And he’s really not happy about it. Not happy at all.

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