Reporter Blisters Tucker Carlson After He “Casually Accuses The Troops Of Betraying Their Country” On Memorial Day

He crossed a line this time.

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Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson just can’t seem to keep the United States military’s name out of his mouth, even on such a sacred occasion as Memorial Day.

Tucker has been known for his less than supportive approach to the US military, specifically since Joe Biden took office at the beginning of this year, even going so far as to recently mock women in the service — a move that rightfully earned him all kinds of backlash.

Of course, we reported not long ago that pretty much no matter what sort of stunt Carlson pulls on the air, he’s virtually untouchable at Fox News Network, even when his own collegues are done with his nonsense and calling for his ousting. However, just because the network won’t do away with him doesn’t mean he’s safe from the ire, disdain, and disgust from us average Joe American citizens.


Yesterday, Memorial Day in this nation, Carlson held a special segment of his prime time Fox News show, in which he claimed that “Our military, at times, does not seem interested in protecting the country.” — Says the guy with the freedom run his mouth on national television without any real repurcussions, especially not from the government.

Political Journalist for The Atlantic and author of the new book, Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump, Edward-Isaac Dovere caught wind of Carlson’s little Memorial Day segment and gave him the hell that he absolutely deserved.

“Following Michael Flynn’s supporting a coup, Tucker Carlson’s Memorial Day message: ‘Our military, at times, does not seem interested in protecting the country.’ Which counts as… patriotism?” Dovere asked on Twitter, captioning a clip of Carlson’s segment.

In a follow-up tweet the reporter wrote, “Kamala Harris was pummeled for a tweet wishing everyone to enjoy the long weekend without saying anything about the troops; Tucker Carlson sits relaxed at the end of a long weekend and casually accuses the troops of betraying their country.”

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Double standards is a massive understatement here, folks.

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