Reporter Reacts To “Hostile” Environment As Trump Supporters At “Million MAGA March” Shout “Fake News” At Her

Yeah, how dare she do her job.

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Donald Trump has labeled any network that is critical of him to be “fake news” and the “enemy of the people” for years now, so much so that’s it’s resonated with his cultish followers.  The job of being a reporter or journalist isn’t safe in the Trump era. Katie Tur even had to be escorted out of a Trump rally once by Secret Service agents after the former reality show star, while he was a candidate, singled her out. Not much has changed since then, apparently.

According to Mediaite, during the ‘Million MAGA March’ on Saturday in Washington D.C., Trump supporters began harassing MSNBC reporter Ellison Barber for daring to do her job.

“You can see all of the people still gathered back over here,” Barber said. “We’re staying a little on the perimeter of the group simply because there aren’t a whole lot of masks being worn within the crowd here. … I’ll show you what it feels like here.”


“The crowd here is chanting, “Fake news, fake news.” Not fans of ours, as you can tell,” she continued. “That’s fine as long as they give us a little bit of space. So at times, it’s hostile here, at least for us.”

“They’re following us and chasing us as we walk further back,” she said while walking backward. “They say that this election is fraudulent. When I asked someone earlier today if there was anything that would make them accept these results, they said they would maybe accept them once certified, but they still wouldn’t believe them. This gives you a sense of the crowd here. They have no intention of accepting the election results, and as you can tell from the jeering right now, not fans of ours either.”


Watching the largely maskless crowd is stunning since COVID-19 is spiking in every single state. It’s also unnerving that Trump has such a dedicated base that his fans will bully a woman reporter that’s just trying to report the news. Of course, the irony is that if the media didn’t cover the march, these people would throw a fit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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