Reporter Revealed That Trump Has “Abandoned His Day Job” And “Is Simply Not Governing The Country Right Now At A Time Of Crisis”

He doesn't do anything that doesn't revolve around this election anymore.

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Right now, Donald Trump is very clearly obsessed with going to whatever lengths he finds necessary to somehow overturn the results of the United States presidential election and secure himself a second term as President of this country.

However, it seems (now more than ever) that Trump’s efforts are 100 percent rooted in ego, reputation, and a deep-seated desire to avoid prison rather than even an ounce of legitimate concern for this nation — because according to one White House reporter, Donald hasn’t been doing his presidential day job in weeks, maybe even months.

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire said that ever since Trump left Walter Reed Hospital following his coronavirus treatment, all of his time and energy has been dedicated to campaigning for reelection rather than actually performing any of the presidential duties required of the “day job” he’s now lost.


“Successful recounts tend to pick up a few dozen votes, maybe 100 or so at most, in terms of changing sides, and that’s not necessarily to mean they would break for President Trump,” Lemire explained. “Joe Biden may pick up more votes in a recount. The margins in these states are too big and these legal challenges seem destined to fail. The White House has had no meaningful success in any legal challenge. Even, as you say, if one state was to turn its result over, he would still be well short.”

The AP reporter continued, “What next? How long do Republicans let him play out this game? I’ve talked to some of his advisors and said, what’s the harm in giving him a few days to come to term with this as they explore his legal options. That’s what we’ve heard from Senate Majority Leader [Mitch] McConnell and others.”

This delay that Trump and his team are causing puts this nation at unprecedented risk in a variety of ways by preventing President-Elect Biden from smoothly transitioning into the position, all while the guy who’s still “in charge” until January 20th has all but given up on any of his real duties.

“This is slowing a transition at a time of true crisis,” Lemire stated. “The coronavirus pandemic is surging out of control across the country, the worst it’s ever been, state by state setting record number of cases each day, and we have a president who, in the meantime, has largely abandoned his day job. He himself has not attended a coronavirus task force briefing in months. His public schedule does not show he’s received an intelligence briefing since Oct. 1. The White House hasn’t read out a foreign leader call in weeks.”

“He is simply not doing governing the country right now at a time of crisis,” he went on, “and we’re seeing Joe Biden try to step into that breach. His campaign offered readouts of several foreign leader calls yesterday who offered congratulations to the president-elect. We know that he has already organized his coronavirus task force, but there’s a limit to what he can do right now. He is not the president, he is not receiving these briefings. There comes a moment, and we may already be there, where President Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the transition, with the government agencies refusing to authorize the win and allowing these Biden landing teams to enter these government agencies could be putting lives at risk and endangering the entire nation.”

It’s strikingly clear at this point that all Donald Trump cares about is sticking it to the American people by overturning the results of our voice. Even if that means letting the very people of the very country he’s gunning for control over suffer to death.

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