Reporter Revealed The “Psychotic Drama” Inside The Trump White House

Well, this is telling.

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We’ve known since Trump’s fateful inauguration day four years ago that the man was unstable, at best. But New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi took a deeper dive into the mess that has been the Trump presidency, predominantly and unprecedentedly covered by woman reporters, and revealed how Donald’s taste for constant drama led to a term full of very few actual accomplishments.

“When you work on a palace intrigue story about the Trump White House, it activates nefarious actors and crazy people,” Nuzzi penned. “You might have six sources that ‘independently’ tell you something, but that doesn’t mean anything because they’re all actually insane and evil.”

The New York Magazine reporter found herself unexpectedly invited to the Oval Office when she was hot on the trail of rumors regarding then-chief of staff John Kelly’s possible ousting, which ended with a private press conference with President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John Kelly that she says left her questioning her own sanity when it was all said and done.


“I regretted in some ways how I told that story,” Nuzzi explained. “It didn’t do a great job of conveying how powerful people in the country spend their time, in the middle of crises, talking about and trying to prevent the spread of gossip about their workplace. It’s been four years of psychotic drama, at the most personal, petty level you could imagine. That is the story of why Trump failed to do anything, for the most part, that he set out to do.”

Nuzzi also found herself with unprecedented access to Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who hammered her with late-night text messages and got sloshed on bloody Mary’s during a brunch interview.

“This has been an accessible group of people, not because they understand the value in being accessible or think they’re doing the right thing, but in their incompetence, they accidentally do things that are in the public interest,” she writes. “Even if they lie, they’re still revealing interesting or important information with the way they lie and the way they communicate.”

As the Trump administration finally comes to a close, the curtain has been pulled back in ways we never expected. I can only imagine the things we’ll learn in the coming weeks.

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