Reporter That Called Donald Trump Out For Lying Did It Again: “This Is A Lie”


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Donald Trump has shamelessly lied to the American people over twenty thousand times in his war on the truth, and just recently, a reporter called the president out on his penchant for lying. S.V. Dáte garnered a lot of respect during Trump’s press briefing after he asked the president whether he regrets all of the lies he’s told during the last three and a half years. Trump seemed perplexed by the question, and after a pause, he just moved on to the next reporter.

Well, Mr. Dáte called out the president again, this time on Twitter, after Trump falsely claimed: “the response by the ObamaBiden [sic] team to the H1N1 Swine Flu was considered a weak and pathetic one.” Trump also falsely claimed that the polling for former President Barack Obama over his response to H1N1 was “really bad.”


CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale also noted the lies in Trump’s early morning tweet.

Trump unleashed a series of tweets, apparently triggered by former First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech for the Democratic National Convention. And in response to her hard-hitting speech in which she threw an emotional appeal to Americans to vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November, Trump lied to the American people again.

Narcissists will often exaggerate or outright lie about their achievements and talents, and Donald Trump is an excellent example of that. At some point, even his supporters will have to admit that they are victims of narcissistic abuse. America married its abusive boyfriend, and it’s time to get a divorce in November. But until then, every reporter needs to call this president out when he lies to the American people amid several national crises. The H1N1 pandemic did not cause a collapse of the economy, but the coronavirus did — on Trump’s watch while he failed to act on the disease when he first learned of the looming threat.

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