Reporter Torches McEnany After She Tries To Blame Obama For Lack Of PPE

Good grief, this woman...

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Since the beginning of this global pandemic, when Donald Trump quickly began to realize that this thing wasn’t going away, it would be “down to zero cases soon,” and that the virus was actually infiltrating the United States in a rapid sort of way, the “president” has been grasping at every straw he can get his hands on to try to blame this disaster on his predecessor, Barack Obama.

However, considering the guy took office THREE WHOLE ENTIRE YEARS AGO (and effectively wiped out pretty much any and everything Barack Obama touched during his two terms, no less) there’s just not a whole lot left he can pin on the guy.

But that’s not going to stop them all from trying, now is it?

One of Trump’s biggest claims throughout this ordeal has been the lack of supplies in the national stockpile that Donald claims was left empty and bare by his predecessor.

During today’s briefing, Trump’s newest Sarah Sanders replacement, Kayleigh McEnany, doubled down on Trump’s ridiculous claims regarding low supplies in stockpile back in February of this year when the virus was just starting to gain steam.

However, one Associated Press reporter simply wasn’t having it this time.

During the presser, as McEnany began to harp on how Obama allegedly “left the stockpile empty” AP’s Jill Colvin asked the newest press secretary the question we’ve all been dying to ask — why are those shelves still bare when Donald Trump has been president for three entire years now?

Of course, McEnany doubled down on the same ole President Trump praise they’ve been harping about for weeks now.

“We refilled that stockpile,” the press secretary stated. “We got the N-95 masks out — ventilators are another good example, not a single America died for lack of a ventilator — a hundred thousand ventilators in a hundred days, three-times what is produced in the average year.”

“We have delivered,” she added. “We have cleaned up the mess that was very clearly left by President Obama and we got that out.”

Okay, but it doesn’t really count when it’s a day late and a dollar short, Kayleigh.

You can watch a clip of the exchange here:

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