Reporter Waiting For Trump Briefing Claims WH Staff Came In And Informed Press Pool They Wanted To Swap Assigned Seats, Moving CNN From Front Row To The Back

The White House doesn't even CONTROL seating.

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Trump’s antics during the now-daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings have gotten so insane at this point that now he’s apparently sending staffers out ahead of his entrance to inform the press pool of seating arrangements according to which news outlets the president likes best.

That might sound pretty standard for our boy-king president — forcing the people he doesn’t like to stand or sit further away from him while giving a place of honor to those who ask him questions that he can answer in a way that makes him look good.

That is until you realize that it’s literally never been up to the president or the White House staff to make the seating arrangments.


The White House Correspondents’ Association, headed up currently by ABC’s Jonathan Karl, has always sorted out reporters across the room according to recent access and seniority, but for the first time ever, the White House itself has tried to intervene, according to reports from inside the briefing room. Hunter Walker from Yahoo! News tweeted:

They literally threatened to move them by force. The bureau chief for Voice of America confirmed that this had never happened before:

Trump’s ego has gotten entirely out of hand, and briefings that were initially thought to be intended to inform people are now being shown to be nothing but a showcase for the president’s Q&A sessions with the press afterward.

In fact, that seems to have been proven by today’s briefing: The reporters refused to switch seats, and the President and his team left the briefing room without taking a single question today.

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