Reporter Who Spoke With Multiple Insiders Says Trump Officials Are Terrified Of What He Will Do The Day After The Election: “It Feels Pretty Terrifying”

They know what's coming...

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As Americans, all of us on this side of the fence are pretty damn concerned about what’s going to happen with Donald Trump after the election — especially if he loses. But as it turns out, we’re evidently not the only ones with that sinking feeling in the pits of our stomachs, wondering what’s going to happen in just four short days.

New York Times journalist Ron Suskind recently spoke with multiple officials, both current and former, within the Trump administration. And apparently, the concern is spreading far and wide among them. Several interviews were conducted with these insiders and they all seemed to paint the same picture in the send — a terrifying scenario in which Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, encouraged his rabid, mouth-foaming supporters to throw a wrench in the voting process in cities in key swing states across the country.

“Disruption would most likely begin on Election Day morning somewhere on the East Coast, where polls open first,” Suskind penned. “Miami and Philadelphia (already convulsed this week after another police shooting), in big swing states, would be likely locations. It could be anything, maybe violent, maybe not, started by anyone, or something planned and executed by any number of organizations, almost all of them on the right fringe, many adoring of Mr. Trump.”

The officials explained to the NYT journalist that the number one cause of concern is the possibility that early reporting of unrest at polling places will, in turn, spark a change reaction of similar unrest among Trump supporters across the nation.

“News of even a few incidents could summon a violent segment of Mr. Trump’s supporters into action, giving foreign actors even more to amplify and distribute, spreading what is, after all, news of mayhem to the wider concentric circles of Mr. Trump’s loyalists,” Suskind wrote.

The officials interviewed warned that Donald Trump will attempt to claim some form of “victory” on November 4th, the day after the election, even if the votes tallied at that point show him behind Joe Biden.

“If the streets then fill with outraged people, he can easily summon, or prompt, or encourage troublemakers among his loyalists to turn a peaceful crowd into a sea of mayhem,” Suskind’s report reads. “They might improvise on their own in sparking violence, presuming it pleases their leader.”

Suskind spoke with one FBI official who revealed that the agency has been putting together a plan for how they will deal with weeks of likely impending unrest on the heels of the election.

“We’ve been talking to our state and local counterparts and gearing up for the expectation that it’s going to be a significant law-enforcement challenge for probably weeks or months,” the official admitted. “It feels pretty terrifying.”

It feels pretty terrifying, indeed.

You can read the full report here.

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