Republican Congressman Shares Photo That Appears To Be Fake On Social Media Of Obama And Iranian President, Who Never Met

He can't even find a decent fake.

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Arizona Republican Paul Gosar, whose own family made campaign videos againsthis candidacy when he was running for office, continues to be just as big a tool as he has always seemed to be, this time committing the increasingly frequent faux pas common to many of the less intelligent members of the Republican Party.

Gosar posted a picture to his Twitter account that appears to show former President Barack Obama shaking hands with Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, both men smiling.


The problems with the picture are manifold: Number one, Obama never once met with Rouhani, so the picture could never have been taken. Number two, the part of the image with Obama in it is immediately recognizable as a picture of when he met with the then-Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh:

But perhaps most bafflingly, Gosar seems to be confusing the President of Iran with Qassem Soleimani, the Quds Force leader recently assassinated by Trump in an airstrike near the Baghdad airport. Gosar’s caption to his tweet indicates that he thinks Rouhani, the subject of the faked image, is no longer in power — but Rouhani is, of course, still the President of Iran.

Then again, I suppose it really isn’t all that baffling — again, Gosar, despite being a dentist and therefore ostensibly relatively smart, has never been accused of being a genius. This is a man who boycotted Pope Francis’s address to Congress (the only member of Congress not to attend) because the Holy Father refused to talk about “violent Islam” instead of climate change. He’s a climate change denier, he opposes even medical marijuana, wants to end the 14th Amendment (so that birth in the US does not confer citizenship), calls Native Americans “wards of the federal government,” supported the militia members who fired on Bureau of Land Management agents during the Bundy standoff, and was the only guy in Congress to try and get notorious white supremacist Steve King reinstated to the committees he’d been removed from in 2019 over Nazi-esque remarks he made.

In short, Paul Gosar is a racist jackass who’s on the wrong side of history every time there’s a wrong side to be on.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised he’s taking the same position now.

Featured image via screen capture

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