Republican Senator Appears To Admit That Trump Did It, But Will Not Vote To Convict

This is precisely the type of thing Trump is hoping for.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself wondering lately (even more so than usual) just what in the hell is going on with these Republicans.

Don’t get me wrong. I completely know and understand that these people are as corrupt as the day is long. But this blind support of Donald Trump? This insane willingness to destroy their own reputations in defense of his numerous lies and atrocities? This readiness to become laughing stocks to the American people and quite frankly the world just to stay in his good graces? That shit I just do not get.

I often find myself wondering — do these, could these people even possibly, actually believe the lies that they’re telling themselves? The lies that they’re telling the American people? The very same lies that are being spoon-fed to them by Donald Trump himself? Do they honestly and truly believe that this man is innocent? That he didn’t commit the multiple crimes he’s been proven to have committed? That he truly is just the victim of the biggest conspiracy this world has ever seen?

While I’m sure there are more than a few GOP members that fit that exact bill, who believe that Trump is some makeshift messiah, some insurmountably perfect being sent from the heavens above to save America from the grips of the dirty Liberals, it seems that there are more of them than what we may have once realized that know Donald is a piece of shit — they just don’t care.

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun essentially, albeit unknowingly, made this point for me today when he admitted to Fox News congressional reporter Chad Pergram that what Donald Trump has done is absolutely wrong — yet he still has absolutely no intentions of voting to remove him from office.

“Where I am coming from, is that probably the discussion of all of this wasn’t appropriate, it’s obviously gotten the president into an entanglement,” Braun allegedly told the Fox News reporter. “It is just not impeachable. And the sentences either, you’re gone. You don’t get off. You know, for probation.”

“I think that all of this has to boil down to [is] the fact that [we’re] working in a process where your verdict is binary,” Pergram says Braun continued. “This is a death sentence [for] any elected official, and you better have a case.”

Frankly, I’m not sure which I’m more afraid of — a slew of oblivious Republicans who believe their dear leader’s lies without question, or a slew of them who know how corrupt and evil he is, and they just don’t give a damn.

Either way, this isn’t good.

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