Roger Stone Appeared To Give Matt Gaetz Advice Amid Scandal And It Could Make Things So Much Worse For The GOP Congressman

The criminal leading the criminal.

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Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is in a lot of trouble. There’s really no ifs, and, or buts about that. The amount of scandal that has rained on his head in the matter of just one short week is almost unrivaled. It started with Gaetz’s potential early departure from Congress to jump-start a career in the Conservative media cycle, to allegations that he was inappropriately involved with a 17-year-old girl, showed nude photos to his colleagues to brag about his sexual conquests, and even paid multiple women for sex acts.

To say the very least, Gaetz’s political career is all but dead in the water now and he’ll be damn lucky if he doesn’t spend a good portion of the rest of his life behind bars. But there’s one thing I can tell you for sure — his demise is almost guaranteed if he chooses to follow advice from the likes of Roger Stone, who recently seemed to encourage the scandal-ridden GOP Rep. to go on the “offense” and continue to appear on cable news.

Coverage of this incident was first reported by Salon. 


In an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars program, Stone (who is no stranger to scandal and indictments himself) stated, “He needs to go on offense, this is right upfront in Stone’s Rules. The left-wing, non-journalist, fake-news media are the most vicious, malicious, dishonest people that I have ever come across. All of these stories that are maligning Matt Gaetz today are based on leaks. Where is the beef? Where are the facts? I don’t think there are any facts. I think this is a good old-fashioned smear.”

Later on in the Infowars segment, Stone seemed to encourage Gaetz to stay in the spotlight and avoid hiding in a “hole,” and also suggested that he make more TV appearances.

“He [Matt Gaetz] should not go hide in a hole, he should be out there, like he was on Tucker [Carlson] last night,” Stone said.

Despite repeated allegations against the GOP Rep. rising to the surface this past week, Stone remains staunch in his defense of Gaetz, even taking to Parler to attack CNN after the story broke that Gaetz allegedly showed off nude photos of women to his colleagues.

“CNN Doesn’t identify the lawmakers making these FAKE allegations against Gaetz because they have no evidence or documentation. Loathsome bottom feeders,” Stone wrote on the Right-wing social media platform.

“I am going to public humiliate [sic] New York Times reporter Mike Schmidt tomorrow. He is the single most dishonest fabricator of the Russian hoax narrative in American press corps. And now he’s doing it again with the smear of Matt Gaetz. Watch for the slap-down of this cretin,” Stone wrote on Parler earlier this week when the New York Times report regarding the Department of Justice probe of Gaetz’s personal life first broke.

Of course, nothing noteworthy ultimately came from Stone the following day, he just continued to attack the media in another Parler post, writing, “The ‘leaked’ smear on Congressman Matt Gaetz is an extortion play and an effort to destroy the up-and-coming conservative leader who has the balls to call the left out.”

It’s worth noting here that the only reason Roger Stone is able to see the light of day, appear on Infowars, or type up ridiculous Parler posts is because Donald Trump did him a solid by giving him a pardon for his numerous crimes. Stone doesn’t have anything figured out, he’s frankly as dumb as criminals come. He just happened to get lucky enough to have one of his partners in crime in the White House.

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