Rudy Giuliani Blows Massive Hole In Trump’s Excuse For Not Releasing His Taxes

Trump is going to be FURIOUS!

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Over the course of the past three and a half years, I have found myself largely wondering just why in the hell Donald Trump keeps Rudy Giuliani around. For one, the guy is seriously a big, fat dope if ever I’ve seen one. Just a painful, flaming idiot of epic proportions.

But to make matters all the worse still for Donnie, the dude seems to have the uncanny ability to vomit up words without them even so much as crossing paths with a single fold in his brain before they spew forth from his mouth — which has led to some serious issues for the Toddler-in-Chief.

Frankly, if this were anyone else we were talking about here, I feel like they would have “resigned” ages ago after making Trump suffer so many extra blunders.


However, here we are, with Rudy still trucking on like it’s nobody’s business, screwing Trump over at every turn for the whole world to see — this time in regard to those pesky taxes of Donald’s.

Trump has long been proclaiming that he simply can’t release his tax information to the public because they’re all under audit.

Yet, in discussing the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow Trump’s tax returns and financial information to be subpoenaed, Giuliani stomped all over that excuse when he said that the president’s taxes have “by and large” been audited.

Giuliani, in speaking to Fox News recently, claimed that there is “no reason to believe that there’s anything wrong with his tax returns,” as almost all of them had already been audited by the IRS.

“I mean all these tax returns have been by and large — maybe not the last one, but all of them have been audited,” he said during a segment on the Trump-friendly network. “All of them have been either passed on or settled.”

Frankly, that doesn’t bode well for Donnie’s incessant excuse.

But don’t you worry, we’ll soon find out for ourselves.

Featured image via Flick/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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