Rudy Giuliani Responds To The Feds Possible Legal Requests For His Emails, Sounds Crazier Than Ever

Law and order!

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Former mayor of New York City and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani didn’t respond well to the news that federal prosecutors have discussed making a legal request for his emails and other electronic communications. This signifies that the investigation into President Donald Trump’s personal attorney remains active and may soon be ramping up. Giuliani did, though, seem to acknowledge on Twitter that Joe Biden will be our next president, so that’s something.

Giuliani’s crazy-time tweet is packed full of conspiracy theories. Trump’s attorney seems genuinely frightened. It’s almost as if Giuliani is learning what the word consequences means.


Twitter users piled in:

Perhaps Trump will include his bug-eyed attorney when he hands out a flurry of pardons before exiting the White House in disgrace, leaving behind a toxic legacy. Meanwhile, Giuliani is trying to help Trump overturn a legitimate election, and at some point, the people involved in the attempted coup should pay the price for that, too.

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