Sarah Huckabee Sanders Asks “Have You Missed Me?,” Twitter Responds

Be gone, Satan.

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Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s departure last year came nearly 100 days since the official most responsible for communicating with the public made her last briefing to the media. It was her job to update the press on what’s going on in the Trump administration, but Sanders failed at that, and instead, she took her boss’ lead to lash out at the media during her many appearances on her favorite network.

Americans will not forget the lies and coverups that Huckabee Sanders took part in, so when she sent out a fundraising email for her lazy former boss, it ended up on Twitter. At least, the first line of the email did anyway.  “Hello,” the header of the email reads. “Have you missed me?”

Twitter users were more than happy to answer the former press secretary’s answer. This is like if we finally got the cure for the coronavirus, then it popped back up to ask if we miss the disease.

We remember when Sarah tried to claim that Trump was some sort of bibliophile, a consumer of the written word. “The idea he can only take in one or two bullets is absurd. I’ve watched him consume massive amounts of information, process it quickly, make a decision,” Sanders said at the time.

By the way, Sarah, did you catch Trump’s latest presser in which he dropped some of that Stable Genius knowledge on us when he said, “Dickofsen, hologic, and Sefay-fef-Sefahyde”?

Trump is as good a president as Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a press secretary. It must be nice to have a job in which you don’t have to show up for work.

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