Sarah Sanders Goes On Social Media To Brag About Her UK Vacation, People Had Thoughts

That was not a smart move.

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Donald Trump has been under a mountain of ridicule after brought not only his family (which was inappropriate enough as it was) but several members of his administration with him on his first official state visit to the United Kingdom— none of which had any reason to be there.

The only ones invited were Donald and Melania Trump, yet somehow the likes of all four of his adult children and their spouses ended up tagging along on the trip. He also brought along some close friends such as close friend and CEO of the conservative media organization Newsmax, Chris Ruddy, who even attended the state banquet with the Trumps earlier this week. And he even brought a slew of his staff members, including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders — made the mistake of bragging about her taxpayer-funded vacation for herself and her husband to the UK.


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So thankful to work with such an amazing team everyday. Love this group! #potusabroad #Ireland #doonbeg

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Of course, that didn’t sit well with many users across social media, including Twitter and Instagram. And they were quick to drag the press secretary — who hasn’t actually done her job in so long that her lectern is caked in dust, mind you — for mooching her way onto a trip where she had absolutely no business on the taxpayers’ dime.

It’s pretty clear that absolutely no one is thrilled about the fact that Sanders gets away with only doing Fox News interviews instead of the job she’s being paid for, and yet we’re still stuck footing the bill for her and her hubby to have a long weekend in the UK.

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