Sarah Sanders Was Asked If Trump Would Work With Democrats On A “Peaceful Solution” And Her Answer Is Anything But Clear

This has gotten so far out of hand...

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Donald Trump has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t intend to take part in a peaceful transition of power should he lose the presidential election to Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden in just two short weeks, as multiple reputable polls are predicting. And his “people,” both past and present, are running with that narrative, as well.

During a segment on her safe space Fox News with co-host Ainsley Earhardt, Trump’s former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders downright refused to even consider how her old boss will facilitate a “crazy transition of power” if he loses to Biden.

Earhardt opens the segment by claiming that many of her friends in New Tork are supposedly worried about “non-peaceful protesting” on the heels of Election Day. But Sanders was quick to just completely dismiss the idea of a Biden win. Ainsley pushed, asking if Trump, should he ultimately lose, would work with Democrats for a “peaceful solution” but Sarah doubled-down, essentially ignoring the question and predicting that Trump will win “clearly and decisively.” Only to turn around later in the segment and warn of “liberal mob chaos” taking over the streets of the US if Biden does win.


She then went on to warn viewers of a “crazy transition of power” that will throw the country into upheaval if her predictions are incorrect.

Earhardt asked Sanders, “When you look at Seattle, Portland and see what happened to New York a few months ago with all the riots and non-peaceful protesting, many New Yorkers that I’ve talked to in this city are nervous and worried that if he does win, what’s going to happen? Will people who voted for him be upset and will they be out there in a non-peaceful way? What do you recommend, if that does happen, does the president work with these Democratic lawmakers to come to some peaceful solution, or is that even possible?”

“I’m hopeful that Donald Trump will win on November 3, clearly and decisively and we won’t have that problem,” the former press secretary responded.

“I do think America will be in big trouble if Joe Biden wins the presidency because of the type of chaos and madness that we saw in Seattle and Portland and other places is the type of liberal mob chaos that will take place in communities across this country,” Sanders continued. “Joe Biden has shown he is unwilling and unable to stand up to the liberal mob. Donald Trump has proven time and time again not only is he willing to stand up to them, but he can actually defeat them, he did it in 2016, I’m hopeful that he can do it again in what will be a clear and decisive win on November 3 and we won’t have to worry about that crazy transition of power that could take place.”

Frankly, these people can’t seem to possibly make it any clearer that this man will not leave the White House of his own volition. They’ve done all but literally spell it out.

You can watch the clip here:

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