Sean Hannity Had A Sippy Cup Made For Joe Biden And Displayed It On Air As He Struggled To Find An Insult For The President That Will Stick

Your desperation is showing, buddy.

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity has been struggling to find an insulting nickname that would stick for President Joe Biden pretty much since the moment the former Obama-era vice president announced that he was running for president. However, he really hasn’t had much luck.

Over the past year or so, Hannity has tried everything from “Sleepy Joe” to “Quid Pro Joe,” from “Hidin’ Biden” to something as simple as “The Big Guy.” But frankly, none of them have had any real staying power, (probably because President Biden is doing an amazing job and all his nicknames are stupid as hell) which has resulted in the Fox News host trying to switch it up pretty regularly, assumably until he finds something that resonates with the people a little better.

But, folks, I can already tell him… This one ain’t it.


During a recent segment, the Fox News opinion host whipped out a new prop to go with his newest nickname for the president as he displayed a sippy cup he apparently had made with the presidential seal on it, as he tried out his latest insulting moniker, “Sippy Cup Joe.”

Not only is the insult absolute crap, the “meaning” behind it is downright ridiculous, too. Not only is the Fox host attempting to call the president childish, I guess, he used the moniker and new prop to ridicule President Biden for calling a lid at a time that Hannity deems early in the day. A lid, of course, is a way to notify the press and the people that the administration does not expect any more announcements or appearances for the day — a move that the Trump White House was pretty well known for, especially on weekends when the then-president was out playing yet another round of golf.

“Now I’ve got a question for — I got this present, I’ll give it to [Fox News White House correspondent] Peter Doocy to give to ‘circle back’ Jen Psaki — you can give it to Joe, his new sippy cup, open it up, put some warm milky in there, cookies — it’ll be great, Joe,” Hannity said in the segment, no doubt thinking he was super clever.

It only took just a few minutes for Hannity to whip out the sippy cup a second time and ask Fox News contributor and former Trump press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, if there were anyone at the White House she could find to send the gag gift to.

“By the way, do you still have friends at the White House that could pass this sippy cup [to] Joe for his night night, hot warm milky?” Hannity asked.

McEnany said that she’s not on “friendly terms” with anyone in the Biden White House (surprise, surprise) but stroked Hannity’s ego by telling him that the gag prop was “hilarious” and “maybe they’ll put it in the White House gift shop.”

Of course, Hannity’s attempts at an insulting nickname with staying power for the Democratic president is just part of a larger scheme by the GOP to paint Joe Biden as mentally unstable and unfit for the office of the presidency. However, in my opinion, if the best you can come up with is a stupid sippy cup, Biden’s mental health isn’t the one that should be in question here.

You can watch the clip here:

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