Sen Lindsey Graham Seemed To Imply That Republicans Won’t Confirm An AG That Will Investigate Trump If They Control The Senate

Quelle surprise!

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South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham basically confirmed that the obstruction that happened with the GOP when former President Barack Obama was at the helm would not change with the Biden administration. Graham told Sean Hannity that Republicans wouldn’t confirm an Attorney General who will investigate Donald Trump if they controlled the Senate. Graham again refused to admit that Biden won. He also called Neera Tanden a “nut job.”

Graham said that if President-elect Joe Biden nominates an Attorney General who will investigate Donald Trump for any potentially illegal acts while in office, Republicans will refuse to seat that person. And that’s rather strange coming from the ‘lock her up’ party. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is attempting a coup while Lindsey refuses to acknowledge that Biden is the President-elect even though he certainly seems to be well-aware of that fact.

Hannity — who said that Trump should pardon himself and his family members — asked Graham about the possibility of Trump facing a Federal investigation for crimes he may have committed while in office. Graham alleged that then-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “found nothing,” even though that’s not true.


Graham went on to vow that if both Republicans win the two special Georgia runoff elections  in January, “the Attorney General nominee…will come before the judiciary committee…there’s no way in hell anyone’s gonna get confirmed that would agree [that Trump should face further investigation.]


For the record, Mueller’s office thoroughly investigated ten possible situations where Trump attempted to obstruct the Russia investigation, among other things. Mueller declined to decide whether Trump should be prosecuted. Instead, he outlined findings and his legal analysis regarding possible obstruction and left the Justice Department leadership to decide whether to charge the President. To this day, we’ve yet to see the unredacted Mueller report. Last year, the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over Mueller’s unredacted report. I guess Lindsey has forgotten about all the Benghazi investigations, too. But sure, Linds, stick with your version of events.

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