Seth Meyers Tells Trump To “Go F*ck Yourself You Rotting, Soulless Business Ham”

We are all Seth Meyers now.

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After Donald Trump blamed Democratic-run states for the nation’s staggering coronavirus death toll, late-night host Seth Meyers wasn’t having it. Trump has been dividing us amid the raging pandemic, and that’s not in the president’s job description. Meyers tore into Trump on Thursday’s episode of Late Night, and he didn’t hold back.

“The blue states had tremendous death rates,” Trump said during his Wednesday press briefing. “If you take the blue states deaths out, we are at a level I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.”

Meyers said what most of us were thinking following Trump’s divisive remarks.


“As someone who lives in one of those states and knows people affected by this virus, I would just like to say, go fuck yourself, you rotting, soulless business ham,” Meyers said.

“But sure — if you just take out all the people that died, then you did a great job, dude,” Meyers added. “By the same token, if you take out all his albums, Kid Rock has had a fantastic career.”

Meyers said Trump’s remarks about the coronavirus death toll were particularly “grotesque,” and called the president a “sociopath.”

“I’m sure Trump’s not our first sociopath president, but he’s definitely the first one who’s open about it,” Meyers said. “He’s the kid who lights ants on fire for fun. And when you catch him doing it, he says, ‘It’s not what you think—torturing living things gives me joy.’”

“If you can’t empower or enrich him personally, then he doesn’t care about you,” he continued. “It’s the same ideology that treats protesters as traitors, and calls for political opponents to be charged with sedition.”

And then Meyers went after the electoral college.

“If we had a national popular vote, Trump and the GOP would have to campaign in places like Portland or New York City,” he said. “And I personally would love to see him try to pander to Portlanders by growing a mustache and riding a penny-farthing to an artisanal pickle store.”


Trump’s divisive rhetoric isn’t exactly going to help him to reach out to independent and undecided voters. The president is pandering to his base — and they are already committed voters. In contrast, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has repeatedly vowed to represent all Americans. What’s troubling about Trump voters is that they insist he’s our president, too, while he bashes Democrats daily and even vows to retaliate against Democratic-led cities. At this point, voting for Trump is like voting for your abuser.

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