Social Media Reacts After Photo Of Trump From The Rally Emerges Showing What Looks To Be A Band-Aid On His Hand: “That Must Be For His IV”

No wonder he feels so good.

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Last night Donald Trump had another one of his daily rallies and he wasn’t sounding so hot during it, slurring up a storm throughout the event. Well, now it seems there is even more of a reason to question the current President’s health, as social media caught a glimpse of what seems to be a bandage on his wrist, seemingly for an IV.

Trump’s mental and physical health have constantly been called into question in the last year, especially now after he is just apparently recovered from COVID-19. Trump’s overwhelming desire to seem invincible to his followers is littered with cracks, though. Firstly, his mental capacity was already a point of concern after he went on television to claim that he scored extra on his cognitive exam and proceeded to recite the mantra of, “person, woman, man, camera, tv,” as proof of his intelligence. Not only is his mental sharpness in doubt, but now his physical health is in question too despite saying he’s “cured” from the coronavirus eventhough he desperately tries to prove otherwise:


In the latest example of Trump’s apparent bad health, Twitter seems to have spotted what looks like a bandage leftover from an IV, which left the public to speculate:

Indeed, people started to think he dropped his alleged Adderall habit for a cocktail of who knows what injected directly into his veins. We can only assume the worst when we see what appears to be a spray-painted, obese, 74-year-old man with what looks like an IV entry point on his hand. The internet was privy to this fact too:

He has been looking extra orange in certain places lately and it’s a scary prospect to think that our current president is out there being energized by who knows what.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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Chris Gifford