Social Media Reacts After Trump Recalls His Visit To The Hospital, Talks About His “Gorgeous Chest”

The internet recoiled in disgust.

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Donald Trump’s rally on Tuesday night was a humdinger but at this point, we’re all used to the gish gallop he routinely serves the public during his MAGA events. The “president” kicked off his rally by claiming that liberals don’t want Thanksgiving to be called Thanksgiving. From there, things just got worse as he slurred his speech and bragged about the “sock rocket.”

After calling “bullshit” to the impeachment inquiry proceedings, Trump took a jab at his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, so of course, “Lock her up!” chants ensued. They just can’t get over her.

Trump spoke of his recent hospital visit at Walter Reed and bragged that the doctors wanted to see his “gorgeous chest.”



Internet users piled in on the obese “president.”

Maybe if the “president” looks closely at his “gorgeous chest,” he’ll finally find dirt on Joe Biden.

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