Social Media Reacts To Melania’s Unveiling Of White House Christmas Tree: “Shouldn’t You Be Packing?”


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On Monday, first lady Melania Trump unveiled this year’s holiday decor at the White House despite being captured on audio, saying that she hates Christmas decorating. In a video that Melania tweeted, she’s seen walking the halls of the White House, admiring the twinkling trees and ornaments, including a “Be Best” ornament despite her husband, Donald, trying to steal the election from President-elect Joe Biden.

If there’s one thing we can say about Melania — and there’s so much we could say — she’s a massive hypocrite. While she walks the corridors of the White House feigning to care about children, she’s never cared about immigrant kids being kept in cages at the border — or the ones who were intentionally separated from their parents by her husband’s administration. “Detained migrant children are better off in U.S. cages,” Mrs. Trump was heard saying in another audio.

Here’s Melanie doing what she does best — being a hypocrite:


She really should be packing her 5-inch heels because her time in the White House is almost up.

This would have been more honest:

Pack your shit, girl. We are all tired of the grift, tired of the lies, and tired of the hypocrisy. Many of us can’t even see our families this year because Trump mishandled the pandemic from its onset. And a lot of Americans can’t afford to buy a Christmas tree right now.

Featured image via the Be Besty First Lady’s Facebook page

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