Social Media Reacts To Picture Of Ivanka’s Outfit During Presser: “WTF Is She Wearing Today?”

What is she doing there?

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We’re not really sure what exactly Ivanka does in the current administration, but she is supposed to be an unpaid adviser to her daddy-president. And Ivanka’s snitty husband, who always looks disgusted with himself, is also an unpaid adviser, now serving as a key player to rev up the economy again after the coronavirus has taken a devastating toll on Americans and businesses. What we do know is, the fancy nepotistic couple have managed to accomplish nothing while serving in the White House.

Of course, Trump has tried repeatedly to claim that his daughter has created eleventy bazillion jobs in the US, and as usual, he’s wrong, but at least he’s consistent. Ivanka’s résumé consists of being a shitty fashion designer.

Once again, Ivanka accompanied her Daddy to an event to prove that she knows how to government while more than fifty-eight thousand Americans have died from the coronavirus, and upwards of one million have contracted COVID-19. So Mr. Trump brought out his best and brightest, and that’s not saying a lot.

Now Ivanka appears to be levitating, so she must be very powerful.

Twitter users piled on because it’s Twitter, that’s why.

Carol Burnett wore it better.

Hey, rules only apply to the commoners.

Why are we being so petty? We’ll tell you why. We’re wondering why Ivanka delivered remarks to a group of small-business owners at the White House amid a national crisis. We need experts up there to address the situation, not badly dressed, self-absorbed cartoon characters. The small business loans certainly did help wealthy corporations, but she hasn’t mentioned that. There are actual small business owners that were shoved aside after greedy corporations moved in to gobble up the loan money.

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