Social Media Reacts To POTUS’ Face During Briefing When Doctor Starts To List Added Risk To Anyone Suffering From Heart Disease, Obesity: “Trump Looks Scared”

Guess who would be at risk? Go on, take a guess.

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Donald Trump’s press briefings on the deadly coronavirus that’s gone worldwide are typically off the rails. The former reality show star has been looking exhausted, and perhaps on Adderall or whatnot. Trump was all over the map during one of his MAGA COVID-19 pressers and even suggested closing the Southern border even though the virus does not respect borders. Meanwhile, the economy is in the shitter.

Trump seemed to be having a slap fight with the English language as he tried to soothe the public’s concerns, saying, “Healthy people, if you’re healthy, you’ll probably go through a process, and you’ll be fine.”

But, during the press conference, Vice President Pence and Donald Trump hovered around Dr. Anthony Fauci — an actual expert in the field — as he listed the added risks to anyone suffering from “heart disease, diabetes, obesity,” and he mentioned the elderly, so we know which 73-year-old guy would be at risk at that podium, right?

Watch the expression on Trump’s face:

Twitter users piled in.

Trump hasn’t taken his physical for the year even though he claimed to have taken the first part of it in 2019 when he made a sudden trip to Walter Reed hospital. Now, we all know that a physical isn’t taken in parts during separate years, so we’re not buying it. This would be a good time for Trump to march his obese, and elderly ass into the doctor’s office. We’re sure he’s thinking the same thing, too.

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