Social Media Reacts To Video Of Trump And Melania Attempting To Use Shovels: “If It Isn’t For Putting Something Up His Nose He Doesn’t Know How To Use It”

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Donald Trump and his wife Melania have just recently returned to the States to see what else they can’t completely destroy in our democracy after a quick, 36-hour state visit to India.

Now, you would think that one individual couldn’t possibly cause too much grief, awkwardness, or embarrassment in the span of 36 hours, right? That’s not even two whole days.

But when it comes to Donald Trump, you thought wrong.

Despite the swiftness of his visit, Donnie managed to pack in a week’s worth of weirdness during his short time in India. His MAGA rally that kicked off day one was a complete and utter mess and things just went downhill from there — with Trump momentarily forgetting how a handshake works, struggling to sit down on his big behind like a normal human being, and disrespecting the country as a whole when he refused to eat their food like the two-year-old trapped in a morbidly obese body that he is.

Perhaps you’d think, after all that, he’d maybe end things on a good note. Or at the very least a quiet one. But once again, you’d be wrong.

Trump and First Lady Melania wrapped up their India visit by planting a tree at the New Delhi memorial in honor of Mahatma Gandhi — a man who Trump is the antithesis of in every imaginable way.

So much so, in fact, that it’s almost a bit disrespectful for Trump to be anywhere near anything that has to do with Gandhi in the first place. But I digress.

To make matters worse — ensuring that the entire country of India saw Americans as complete idiots — Donald and his wife appeared to struggle pretty hard with the most menial of tasks as they attempted to use shovels to toss dirt around the tree.

In video footage captured of the moment, the first couple can be seen awkwardly gripping their garden tools with what appears to be a look of “what in the hell am I supposed to do with this” written all over their faces. They both eventually got a bit of dirt scooped up and stood there, rather uncomfortably it appeared, as photographers did their business, before haphazardly tossing the dirt into the space around the tree — both of them appearing as though they’d rather be anywhere but there.

Social media users were quick to judge. Because why not?

Aaaaannnndddd… Just for fun:

Perhaps this was Gandhi’s way of saying from the other side: “Stay away from me, imbecilic piece of garbage!”

Just a thought.

Featured image via screen capture

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