Social Media Reminds Trump Who He Is After He Attacks Democrat Over Sexting Scandal: “Mr. Grab Them By The P*ssy Has No Standing!”

You gotta be kidding me.

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This afternoon, Donald Trump held the first of three MAGA rallies on his schedule for the day, this one in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Recently, news broke that North Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham, a married man, was involved in a sexting scandal with one of his consultants. Unsurprisingly, while in the candidate’s state, Trump seized on the scandal and used the opportunity to attack Cunningham for his transgressions while pushing his supporters to vote for Cal’s Republican opponent, Tom Tillis.


Now, this is the very same man who’s cheated on every single one of his wives, been caught red-handed paying off porn stars with hush money in an attempt to keep them quiet about their affairs while he was running for president, bragged about sexual assault women simply because he’s “famous” and he can, and has been credibly accused of rape and sexual assault literally dozens of times, by girls as young as 13.  To say the very least, the dude has absolutely no room to talk about anyone’s sexual scandals. Not even an inch.

And Twitter wasn’t about to let him forget that:

We know what you’ve done, Trump. But nice try.

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