Social Media Responded After Old Video Showing Trump Playing Volleyball Emerged

What the hell is he doing?

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A video has surfaced of Donald Trump attempting to play volleyball from quite a while ago and apparently, he was obese back then, too. We don’t like body-shaming here but after Trump’s godawful remarks about women’s bodies, it seems fair. Let’s just say that Trump isn’t the alpha-male his supporters seem to think he is. What a shock, huh? Trump isn’t one to exercise and it shows.

One Twitter user noted that the clip is from The Daily Show’s “Moment of Zen” that was done in 1999. Trump looks like he wants to fit in with the other players so badly,  then he trips, and a few seconds later lets out a scream, as if he’s a cheerleader trying to bring on some sort of team spirit or something.



Twitter users just couldn’t handle it.

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We were all appalled when our septuagenarian “president” tweeted out a photoshopped image featuring his head superimposed on fictional boxer Rocky Balboa’s body. Because that’s a really weird thing to do, OK? And that happened the day after his rally in which he said the doctors at Walter Reed hospital wanted to see his “gorgeous chest.” Then, this video resurfaced because obviously, we haven’t suffered enough.

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