Social Media Responds To “Nutbag In Chief” Trump After He Attacks The Governors Of California And New York

There's something terribly, terribly wrong with this man.

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Donald Trump has had a notably difficult time with the entire impeachment process since the very moment it began. It seems that despite an alleged near-steady intake of Adderall on a day to day basis, Donnie still hasn’t nailed himself down a good, healthy way to cope with all that anxiety and stress he’s experiencing but really doesn’t want you to know he’s experiencing.

Instead of seeing a mental health professional (likely because he knows the moment he does that he’ll be packed away by the men in white coats, wrapped up in a jacket that makes him give himself an eternal hug, and tossed in some padded room in the depths of some cold, dank facility, the key thrown out, never to be seen or heard from again) or even reaching out to a trusted friend or family member to privately vent like any normal person would do, Trump continues to take his multitude of aggressions out on his most favorite platform, Twitter, all while simultaneously claiming that he just doesn’t care at all.

Now, the majority of Trump’s manic tweets have been angry rants and retweets about that damned impeachment that he still says doesn’t phase him a bit.

However, sometimes he gets himself so worked up that he starts handing out attacks like lollipops on his most trusted social media platform, subject matter be damned.

Today, as he kicks it in Florida for his family’s end of the year vacation, Trump decided he was going to be really, really mad at homeless people and all the cities that have them.

“California and New York must do something about their TREMENDOUS Homeless problems. They are setting records! If their Governors can’t handle the situation, which they should be able to do very easily, they must call and “politely” ask for help. Would be so easy with competence!” one of Trump’s unhinged tweets read this morning.

The nasty and particularly odd tweet came on the heels of an even larger rant against the homeless community this morning where he attempted to divert from the impeachment topic by launching attacks against states that have a high level of homelessness due to extreme income inequality. Even going so far at one point as to call out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself, who serves as Representative for the city of San Francisco, to focus on cleaning up her “filthy city” instead of impeaching and removing him.

But the internet isn’t falling for Donnie’s nonsense today any more than they do any other day.

To say the least, the comment section of Donald’s unhinged fit was Twitter gold:

The dude can’t even kick Nancy out of that rent-free spot in his head long enough to enjoy a round of riding his golf cart these days. What a shame.

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