Social Media Slams Kellyanne Conway For Telling Racist “Joke” At CPAC: “What You Would Expect A White Supremacist Would Say”

Kellyanne's definitely not woke — she's a joke.

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Kellyanne Conway insulted the black community this week by attacking “woke” culture in a lame rhyme at CPAC while sitting next to billionaire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

It was the perfect pairing. After all, the right-wing hates education, which is why President Donald Trump installed DeVos to dismantle the Department of Education and chip away at our nation’s public education system. And, apparently, Kellyanne drew the assignment of touting Trump’s propaganda and pandering to his racist supporters.

In that effort, she attacked people for being “woke” by spouting a little rhyme.


“If I hear one more time, ‘we’re woke,'” Conway began. “Woke is a joke. Woke is totally broke.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

It may not sound racist to some, but when you consider that the Trump campaign recently rolled out “woke” merchandise aimed at the black community, it’s pretty clear who she was talking about.

Other Twitter users also chimed in.

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Conway would have been better off not appearing at CPAC at all, let alone attempting to “joke” about being woke. Awareness of injustice and inequality is not something to mock.

In the end, the only joke here is Conway.

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