Social Media Takes Rudy Giuliani To The Woodshed After He Declares Trump The Debate Winner: “Were You Tucking His Shirt In For Him, Rudy?”

You can't escape your present, Rudy.

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We have recently witnessed the last presidential debate and Trump surely went out with a bang. It was a sh*tshow even though the event cut off the microphones. Despite going off-topic constantly and being a general embarrassment to our nation some of those closest to the president are attempting to claim that he was the victor. The person that got the most backlash however, was none other than Rudy Giuliani when he boldly claimed Trump as the winner on Twitter.

Rudy was probably the absolute worst person to extend a congratulatory tweet — but maybe his strategy is to pretend that nothing is amiss at all. Not only did all his efforts go to waste working with foreign parties over to get dirt on Biden blow up in his face, but he has also recently faced a more personal ordeal. Today Borat Subsequent Movie Film was released and in it, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen did what he does best, tricking people to bring out the worst of themselves and one of his targets was Giuliani.


The footage, cleverly edited or not is damning, and despite claiming it is a misrepresentation, the internet was sure to remind him of how bad it looks — as well as how bad Trump looked at the debate.

Here, one user gave a stark reminder that even his daughter will not be voting for Trump, the man he works so tirelessly to lie for:

And here one user points out some cold hard statistics:

Thankfully, Rudy’s good friend Borat was there to defend him on this difficult day:

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Chris Gifford