Social Media Wonders If Trump Is Building A Moat As Reports Come In Claiming Crew Is Digging A Trench On White House Lawn

He wanted to nuke a hurricane, so I wouldn't be surprised.

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Over the past four years, we have gotten a glimpse into the mind of Donald Trump and how he would choose to lead (though, I am sure he would prefer the word “rule”) and we have learned that he is allegedly into some messed up things. First, it was leaked that Trump allegedly wanted to fortify his non-existent border wall with a moat, equipped with snakes or alligators, he even got aides to seek cost estimates for the plan. Not only did he want a creature filled moat, but he also wanted to affix his still-not-built wall with spikes that could pierce human flesh, and suggested shooting migrants if they threw rocks. When he was told that it was illegal, he suggested shooting them in the legs to slow them down. Of course, Donald Trump denies these claims, but all the same, it is no wonder social media thinks what it does about the current situation.

That is only the dictatorial tip of the iceberg, though. Trump allegedly has a thing for the “Active Denial System,” or ADS, and floated equipping our border agents with them, as well as using them on our own citizens who were exercising their first amendment by protesting. What is this “Active Denial System,” you ask? Well according to Maj. Adam DeMarco’s testimony:

The ADS can immediately compel an individual to cease threatening behavior or depart through application of a directed energy beam that provides a sensation of intense heat on the surface of the skin. The effect is overwhelming, causing an immediate repel response by the targeted individual.”

Yep, a heat ray. And considering Trump has built an unscalable wall around the White House, when news came out that some sort of trench was being constructed it is no wonder the internet thought that he was building a moat around the White House:


Honestly, Donald Trump constructing a moat around the White House would only be slightly more surprising than him affixing his name to it in gold lettering, this is the man that suggested launching a nuclear bomb at a hurricane after all.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/The White House, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

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Chris Gifford