Source Claimed Melania Trump “Flat Out Refused” To Move Into The White House Until The Bathroom Previously Used By The Obamas Had Been Ripped Out And Its “Shabby” Decor Was Replaced

Has this woman ever used a public restroom in her life?

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As we’re all well aware by this point, Melania Trump’s former friend and adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released her tell-all book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.

Over the past few weeks, ahead of the book’s release, we’ve been blessed with tidbits and excerpts from the upcoming opus detailing what can be best described as Melania’s snotty, holier-than-thou attitude — especially in connection to her eldest step-daughter, Ivanka Trump, something we got to witness a snippet of last night during the RNC when Melania appeared to shoot a look as cold as ice as Ivanka walked past her on the stage.

However, according to one book insider, Melania’s cattiness certainly does not begin and end with the step-daughter that she feels is trying to take over her First Lady turf.


Evidently, on the heels of her husband’s inauguration, the new First Lady put her pointy-toe-heeled foot down and flat out refused to move her high-class self into the White House until the bathroom used by the Obama family during their two terms had been completely ripped out and replace — all the way down to the toilet.

The insider claims that Wolkoff’s book is set to paint a dismal picture of a whiny, virtually unpleasable Melania who found the decor in the White House so atrocious to her high-class senses that she refused to move in for a startling six months.

“Melania just flat out refused to move to Washington DC until it had been completely redesigned and revamped,” the insider stated. “‘Stephanie talks about how she took one look at her bedroom and bathroom and demanded a new shower and toilet.”

“She was not prepared to use the same bathroom as the Obamas or anyone else for that matter – it wouldn’t matter if it was the Queen of England.”

The insider goes on to claim that Melania used her position as “the wife of the president” to all but force a complete redecoration of the White House, complete with new furniture and decor, as she reportedly thought “everything was old and shabby.” Allegedly, Melania was more bothered by the decor in her new, temporary dwelling than she was of “allegations of her husband’s alleged infidelity.”

Even though Melania got her wish of a complete revamp of the White House quarters, she still stayed in her comfy rooms of the Trump Tower with her son Barron until June 2017 — causing more than a few rumors to swirl as to why she had yet to move into the People’s House with her newly presidential hubby.

As the election gets closer and closer, more and more tell-all books continue to drop from countless different insiders. There’s just no telling what will be revealed before it’s all said and done.

Featured image via Flickr – The White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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